JENAL - Benelli ~ The Specifications of Alan's Benelli 900 Sei Special

Benelli 900 Sei Special - Alan started with a red 1982 900 Sei and redeveloped it into a lookalike Benelli 750 Sei styled special. 8 month development includes:


  •   Removed 900 Sei bracketry and replaced with bracketry to accept 750 components; fuel tank, seat and 2 side panels.  Retained original 900 bikini fairing. 

  •   Fitted re-chromed steel 750 mudguards and rear light assembly.

  •   Fitted chromed rear pillion grab rail.

  •   Designed and fitted 2 chromed protection bars to keep soft luggage from fouling suspension.

  •   Fabricated 2 chromed engine protection crash bars.

  •   Replaced stock rubber foot-pegs with 4 chromed Sundance units.

  •   Fitted Scottoiler duplex chain lubrication system.

  •   Replaced all nuts-n-bolts with polished Allen bolts and domed nuts where practical.

  •   Stripped battery acid scared black painted frame, shot blasted and repainted in Benelli silver.


  •   Cyl/head ported, polished with larger (unleaded) valves offering 15% power increase.

  •   Engine internals kept stock, fitted updated OHC chain tensioner  Replaced stock air-cleaner with 3 x K&N air cleaners plus K&N cam cover and gearbox filters.

  •  Fitted Sachse state-of-the-art electronic ignition system c/w 3 x modern ign/coils.

  •  Fitted HEL Performance oil cooler and Mocal Aeroquip hoses via Mocal oil thermostat (with additional oil temp and pressure gauge sender installation).  Oil filter sandwich plate take-off also by Mocal.

  •   Polished all removable alloy engine parts.

  •   Engine Ice-Blasted by Cryogenesis then re-painted black and silver.

  •   Converted cable clutch operation to Venhill's Magura Hymec hydraulic system.

  •   Replaced 900 6-into-2 exhaust system with a custom made chrome 750 Sei 6 individual pipe system.


  •  Replaced rear shocks with Hagon adjustable sprung units.

  •  Forks stanchions were hard chromed by AM Philpot then rebuilt.

  •  Alloy fork legs were stripped of paint and polished to gloss finish.

  •  Fitted alloy strut brace between stanchions.

    •   Wheel rims stripped and powder-coated silver (originally Italian gold colour).

    •   Fitted Avon Roadrunner tubeless tires.

    •    Rear adjustable damping and spring preload shocks by Hagon 


  •   All 3 discs were cross-drilled to improve efficiency.

  •   Calipers re-built by Brembo UK

  •   Brembo replaced hydraulic brake lever to a modern unit to simultaneously operate all 3 discs with overriding independent foot-pedal operation to rear disc.

  •   Fitted silver PVC coated stainless steel brake lines throughout, made by Venhill.


  •   Fitted a Super-B lithium-ion B10 lightweight and compact battery laid on its side.

  •   Installed auxiliary oil temperature & oil pressure gauges in bikini fairing.

  •   Replaced old Bosch alternator for �Electrex World� permanent magnet rotor design (no windings or brushes to fail) and solid state regulator.

    •   Installed electronic gear selection indicator with side-stand neutral only engine start by Acumen Electronics.

  •   Installed battery �master-kill-switch�.

  •   Headlight upgraded to HID rated bulb with enhanced brilliance by the installation of a Sachse solid-state directly connected relay.

  •   Installed an LED rear light bulb which is brighter without visually modernising.

  •   Ddiscreetly installed FIAMM twin horns in under-seat electrics area.

Colour Scheme

  •   Changed from original red/black colour scheme to:

  •  Benelli silver (used on many models for years) - frame etc. plus pin-striping tin-ware.

  •  Tornado Tre 900 candy green (circa 2000) - fairing, tank and side panels.

  •  Cagiva graphite (circa 1982) to highlight fairing, tank and side-panels.

Extensive Security Installed

  •   Too numerous to mention and better to keep secret.

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