Heating, air conditioning and condensation reduction in a barge is essential. Particularly in each key room where we regularly live. We are using Webasto heating and A/C system 'Blue Cool' to give JENAL a pleasurable air regardless of her environment.
JENAL ~ Heating & Air Conditioning

Our search for a simple to operate car like system, with capacity to work perfectly in a large barge led us to automotive original-equipment manufacturers and marine heater specialists; Webasto.

JENAL is a lifestyle ideal, within the realms of budget constraints. The ideal of modern day living, particularly in hot climates, dictates air conditioning as standard but hey, this is a barge?  Air conditioning used to be an expensive luxury and complicated with separate systems for heating and air con. Air con also dictated big generators to cope with the power demands of the then under-developed air con motors... not any more!

Webasto joined forces and eventually purchased a Dutch air conditioning specialist who had developed over the years an excellent system that worked well with Webastos' already world class diesel powered water heater system.

Webasto A/C heating room system
Research has shown that the human body feels comfortable at temperature between 21 - 27C. When the effect of humidity is taken into consideration this range can become a little wider. To make the case for improved air con let us firstly understand that humidity is the amount of moisture (water vapour) contained in the air. When the surrounding air has absorbed all the moisture in it, it is classed as 100% humidity.

One of the factors to why we feel hot or cold, is the ability of our bodies perspiration to evaporate easily. If the air is dry, then our bodies perspiration is allowed to leave (dry) from our pores, making us feel cool. If the humidity is high, then perspiration cannot evaporate easily (the air is already full of moisture) and we feel hotter. It is possible to feel just as comfortable at 27C with 30% relative humidity, as it is at 21C with 90% relative humidity. And this basically is what a good A/C unit should do, lower the humidity levels by reducing the moisture in the air.

Webasto heater/cooler unit

A series of these Webasto units (pictured left) will be built into the Andrew Varah cabinetry, 3 in the lounge dining area, 2 in each of the bedrooms, one in the hallway and 2 in the wheelhouse - one of these will also act as a windscreen demister.

The unit shape and size will vary according to the different room sizes and design layout, plus they need to fit in with the cabinets and space available. As the above left room system illustration shows, warm air is drawn in from the base vent, chilled through the Webasto units and blown out of the top vent with the built-in fan assistance. Similarly, the heating process does the same, the only difference being the fluid is either passed through the Webasto chiller or Webasto heater which, incidentally, also heats the domestic hot water.

The ivory coloured Webasto chiller unit sits snugly at the aft end of the wheelhouse directly below the large yellow hydraulic oil tank. Forward and to the left of the chiller unit is the silver, horizontally mounted Webasto water heater, this is the same type of unit installed in PSV's (buses and coaches to you and me). To the far right is the light green Webasto water pump. All neatly installed in JENAL during her final fit-out stage.

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