JENAL ~ Onboard Systems

Details of Navman (part of the Plastimo Group) navigation equipment serving JENAL.


Navman Diesel Engine Monitor

The 8120 12" Main Monitor

The G-Pilot 3380 Auto Pilot Monitor
Navman Radar Dome

Navman 2Kw Radar Dome

VHF Radio DSC 7200
The Main Range of Navman Navigation Equipment on JENAL:
8120 12" Monitor with GPS Antenna No.53878   Core Pack G600 No.53182
2Kw 18" (450mm) Radome No. 54528   2Kw Radar Processor No.54890
G-Pilot 3380 Auto Pilot No.53184    
VHF Radio DSC No.51888   VHF Fibreglass Antenna (2 off) No.184780
VHF Handheld Radio XM2000 No.180041   Hull Transducer (Dual Frequency) No.47512
Engine Diesel Kit (2 off) No.49597   Hull Speed Sensor No. 25982


Why did we choose Navman over the wide range of the many manufacturers available? Simple, they were prepared to assist us in an area that we were unfamiliar, plus they have a good reputation throughout the world for a quality product and a range whose only gap was eventually filled with their delayed radar system.


The 8120 is a low-profile, low power multifunction marine display or data-helm with integrating GPS, sonar, fuel management and video functionality into a daylight viewable high-resolution screen.  The hardware also displays the radar on screen. The Navman's 32 MB regional chart gets you started for navigation, while the extra C-Map's MAX technology are best for detailed chart data (we started with the English channel). Later, we can hook it up to a security camera for live deck monitoring, engine room surveillance or underwater views... of canal basin?? Or even run a DVD player or camcorder into the 8120 for entertainment benefits. The 8120 integrates well with the other on-board systems (instruments, DSC VHF) to provide a choice of full or split screen displays. The speed and depth transducers information is also fed into the 8120.


G-Pilot 3380this is a daylight viewable TFT display and provides outstandingly clear information on heading status and key pilot data. The big rotary control dial allows a course to be set with ease as well as a user-friendly interface to the menu selections.  Surrounding the dial are port and starboard LEDís that flash to show pilot course adjustments. This provides a level of comfort for the questionable skills of JENAL's skipper with a single glance at the screen, even in the dark of night. One-button dodge and jog keys, easy selection of 90/180 deg turns and it even has graphical capabilities to provide unique on-screen animations of the vessel's intended actions and progress through a turn.





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High Definition Digital Radar: This means exceptional detection of small or distant targets, using advanced digital signal processing. This processing ensures tracking and chart overlay can be displayed with confidence. It presents targets better and rejects clutter using digital Sensitivity Time Control (STC). Also screen-clutter from rough weather is cleared away using sensitivity settings tailored for our specific conditions. MARPA software allows us to select up to 10 targets and compute their speeds and directions, which can be particularly useful in the busy English Channel. Each target can be tracked and progressed and we become alerted if any of them present a danger.


Complete Fuel Management: An ingenious diesel fuel management system which monitors the fuel flow with a positive displacement transducer on both the inlet and return lines, to compute a highly accurate fuel consumption figure. When combined with the speed data gained from GPS or paddle wheel in the hull, valuable information about economy and range can be displayed. The data is displayed on the 8120 monitor and is particularly useful when determining optimum throttle settings for maximum engine efficiency, according to the barge, the sea condition and the barge load. The added benefit will be balancing this with hydraulic drive's trawling facility for optimum fuel economy.


VHF Radio: This DSC 7200 Radio combines the most elaborate functions with extreme ease of use. The large amber backlight display is easy to read and an exclusive Navman feature is real-time forecasting, which shows sudden weather changes. Major features include integrated and independent DSC, various scanning modes, track-your-buddy (s0 beware), GPS interface, saved calls, MMSI ID storage and is fully waterproof, which we hope doesn't need proving! This is mounted in the wheelhouse's overhead consol. Because latter-day legislation dictates we have to have two VHF radios aboard, we opted for a Navman handheld second one, this enables us to also use it onboard the RIB.