JENAL ~ Bathroom

A full sized bath, toilet & sink make this room ideal for guest (bedroom next door) & easy day usage.

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The design & layout of our bathroom is similar to a regular house bathroom; a full sized sunken shower, cabinet sink and a macerator type toilet all matching in white enamel. It is also similar to a house in that it is the 'family' bathroom. The master bedroom has its own en-suite.


  Where it differs from a house is in the following; a cruising boat needs the convenience (pun intended :-) of a quick and easily accessible toilet during potentially busy waterways navigation periods. This is part of the reason we positioned the bathroom close to the bottom of the wheelhouse spiral stairs. Its other positional value is, its closeness to the study/guest bedroom where our overnight guests can access the facilities with ease and with privacy.

Packaging and compromise are bywords for any living space design, JENAL is no different. The bathroom and wheelhouse are classic examples of this space/compromise process where the transversely fitted bench seating at the back of the wheelhouse conceals the extended bathroom head-height beneath it. This does mean you step down into the tiled sunken shower tray and remember to slightly duck your head, once in, there is a 2 meter head clearance, thanks to the above wheelhouse under bench-seat clearance.

We visualise the bathroom being a multi functional barge facility, from the obvious personal hygiene, dog bathing, bulk hand washing & a drip-dry area for excessively sodden storm clothes. The sunken shower aspect will inevitably try the strength of our back mussels!!



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Decor Specifications

Walls: Ceramic tiles
Woodwork: Painted 'Timeless'
Ceiling: Boarded with light patterned light beige waterproof material
Floor: Ceramic tiles
Window covering: Water droplets tint
Window frames: Solid brass porthole and aluminium opening window in upper superstructure
Suite colour: White
Suite fittings: Chrome
Lighting LED
The actual tiling was a challenger for the professional tiler simply because J&A chose large tiles, forgetting the ships starboard side wall and gunnel area was shaped to the profile of the ship. Ever the professional, the tiler tanked the room (because it is a wet room) and then diagonally cut he tiles and made them fit in perfectly.

Heating is via a hot-water fed chromed round towel rail mounted below the gunnel.