JENAL ~ Study/2nd Bedroom

3.35 x 4.87m (11'x 16') This dual purpose room acts as a study for business work and a life-sized guest bedroom for J&A's many visitors.

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For a couple who live on their own, a good sized second bedroom designed into the confines of a barge, may seem an extravagance? That is why it has been designed to be multi functional in 6 ways:
 1) a comfortable guest sleeping area with maximum versatility to suit a variety of human sizes. The beds are unique and adaptable with a fixed 122cm (4') long base and a hinged out 76cm (2' 6")extension to offer a comfortable 200cm (6'6") sleeping area.  Each of the 90cm (3') wide beds are built into the curvature of the aft hull shape. Because the Klipper has an aft upswept hull, to accommodate the prop and rudder, by necessity the beds are mounted quite high. To assist guests, there are built-in steps between the beds, all built into into the cabinetry.
2) The otherwise odd shaping under the beds gives additional storage for diverse items as golf clubs and angle grinders. All accessed by lifting the top-step oak panel between beds.
  3) an office, a place to work and maintain ones home & office communications, paperwork & electronic communication equipment.
  4) a work room away from the main saloon/ galley/ wheelhouse living areas where ones 'mess' can be isolated behind a closed door  
  5) a place of refuge from each other. Vows of Undying-love doesn't mean you can't get occasionally tetchy?
6) additional storage by way of  the many oak wood wardrobes & cabinets built-into and under the gunnels. But still not enough for 'J's expanding wardrobe!  
Smaller versions of the Saloon/Galley opening windows (with removable secondary glassing for winter) and with sun reflective glass, let the light and ventilation in. As does the offset mounted roof emergency escape hatch. Stepping onto the built in desk top makes for easy emergency egress.