JENAL ~ Hallway

3.9m x 1.20m (12'10"x 4') hallway has access to the heart of JENAL and has a circular stairway to the wheelhouse.

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The hallway is an interesting area because it, technically speaking, is a great-waste-of-space! It is a vital means of corridor from one place to another but it consumes living space - the alternative would be a walk-through room to access another such as we do with JENAL's galley/saloon to master bedroom.

We bit-the-space-bullet with JENAL's hallway because the usual alternative of barge design where the stairs from the forward part of the ship traverse a ladder/stairs to the wheelhouse and back down similar to the aft area, wasn't for us. Whilst this is 'very traditional' it is also inconvenient, particularly if you use the wheelhouse to dine - just imagine trying to negotiate a ladder with both hands clutching a full tray of food (& wine :-)?  


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  We chose hydraulics to drive JENAL's props because it allowed us to package the key drive components in a preferable out-of-the-way place and utilise the gained space. The twin engines are positioned transversely on the port-side leaving the rear centre of the barge open and this is where the fore and aft corridor (hallway) is positioned. The hallway's floor level is lowered into the keel/bilge area of JENAL to give additional head-height under the wheelhouse floor.
The hallway now allows; a semi-spiral stairway to the wheelhouse, a cloakroom. Under these stairs on the starboard-side are the access doors to the airing cupboard & the watertight electrics room. A similar watertight door on the port-side of the hallway accesses the engine room. Aft of this and up a couple of steps is the door to the starboard bathroom and portside door to the study/guest bedroom. Built into the dividing steel wall (bulkhead) between the hallway and the 2nd bedroom is a 350mm vertical tube in line with the keel/skeg. This is the aft spud-leg and runs the full height of the barge from wheelhouse mid-point to hull bottom.  
  A nod to tradition. 'A' found this brass caged maritime lamp with its blue glass and wired for 4 mains SBC bulbs, some 6 years ago. Keeping it in storage for this period, forgetting then finding it when 'J&A' disgorged their stores to the ship. Then presenting it to Frits (electrician) for a late potential installation. Frits patience maintained its cool. 'A' installed it and Frits found a suitable 220v supply. Hooking it up with just 2 x 4watt LED bulbs inside, the lamp adds to the ambiance by way of its ice-blue light and period marine presence.
As you will gather from the illuminating information above, our hallway serves a major purpose in JENAL's services and traffic flow, it design/layout should make life onboard more akin to a house than a barge.

in the hull base-plate directly below this hall area are the water speed and depth transducers with near vertical cable runs to their corresponding instrumentation in the wheelhouse. Also mounted here is one of Alan's 'fads', 1 of a pair of hull lights (second one in the bow) which shine downward to illuminate the river bottom. He believes it may aid mooring in rocky shallow mooring places?