JENAL ~ Master Bedroom

4.42 x 4.87m (14.4'x16') en-suite luxury bedroom with plenty of storage space and elbow room.

Bathroom <> Bow-Locker <> Build-Story <>  Cloakroom <> Deck-Area <> Drive-Steering <> Electrics-Room  <> Engine-Room <> Hallway <> Kitchen/Galley <> Lounge/Saloon <> Rear-Storage <> Spud-Leg <> Study/Bedroom <> Tech-Specs <> Wheelhouse


JENAL's master bedroom is used for more than resting ones head, it contains; an en-suite wet-room shower & toilet, plenty of cupboard storage space and the barges domestic cleaning/drying facilities... more of that later.

We have chosen a wet-room shower facility to maximise on the space used. There is plenty of room to move around for ablutions because the toilet shares and extends this room area. The WC  is far enough away from the ceiling shower rose not to get wet. The rooms overall dimensions are 1.75 x 1.22m (5'9"x 5'), which isn't vast, just ample!


Designing for a house is, in many ways, easier than designing for a barge; the en-suite wet-room is a classic example. A house stays parallel with the horizon, a ships varying loads means it doesn't. A wet-room needs a constant angle to drain and evacuate the water... here's a potential problem!

To resolve this 'challenge' we re-designed the en-suite with a full width 15mm curved step down to the shower area, this prevents water-creep across the remainder of the floor and toilet area.

An unusual living feature is the placement of the sinks in the main bedroom area (tucked behind the full-height wardrobe which also acts as an entrance-to-room divider) rather than in the en-suite room. Again, the reason is to maximise on space as well as adjusting equipment installation to suit our way of life... the opportunity for two sinks should prevent the inevitably squabble for sink supremacy but space dictated we had room for just one. A very nice Kola style one though.  

The wardrobes mentioned are the only full height ones in this bedroom, JENAL's gunnels prevent full-height cupboards each side hence, the addition of the cloakroom.

We planned JENAL with as much thought as time (and our 'grey matter') would allow, we focused on practicality as a key decider of equipment placing, hence the positioning of the NEFF washing and drying machines, here in the master bedroom.

We reasoned that a dedicated utility room was a space luxury we couldn't afford and the kitchen was busy with other equipment so we placed them here! Logic told us that the majority of our washing needs were generated from this room so, the master bedroom's the best place. All the plumbing services were already here, care-of the en-suite which made the plumping requirements easy. Our only other consideration was the time of day the cleaning equipment would be used? Daytime cruising was best when electricity is being generated for 'free' via the running engines... no overnight clothes washing then!  
  We have chosen 45cm diameter opening portholes with lightly tinted glass for this bedroom (3 per side), in-part due to the reduced height between the superstructure roof and gunnel at this point in the barges profile and the additional degree of privacy they offer. Extra daylight is served by 2 overhead pigeon-boxes which also act as emergency exits in-case of an onboard catastrophe. Aided by a cabinet stored telescopic ladder which extends from .76 to 3.8m. Amply tall enough and very easy to use in an emergency.
Latest addition and thinking was "oh my goodness, what do we do with the 2 shallow cupboards at the bow end of each suite of cupboards on each side?"  Caused by the narrowing of the hull sides as the bow takes its shape towards the pointy end. Off to the nearest Dutch Ikea store and let 'A' do some more head scratching on the shop floor. The result was the purchase of simple black duel wash clothes bag and its stand, 'A' attacking it with a saw and drill  sinking 2 cut metal pieces of the stand into the back wall of the cupboard, bonding them in-place, allowing each wash bag to hang from said metal beams. Hey-presto, we have his-n-hers dirty washing sacks hidden by the closed door.  



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