JENAL ~ Deck Area

3.35 x 3.35m (11'x11'), an outside area specially leveled for sunbathing, al-fresco dining & generally relaxing in the open air.

Bathroom <> Bow-Locker <> Build-Story <>  Cloakroom <> Drive-Steering <> Electrics-Room  <> Engine-Room <> Hallway <> Kitchen/Galley <> Lounge/Saloon <> Master-Bedroom <> Rear-Storage <> Spud-Leg <> Study/Bedroom <> Tech-Specs <> Wheelhouse


Klipper & Luxemotor barges which have an aft cabin layout, as in JENAL, also have an upward sweep to the aft cabin roof line. This attractive shape is inclined to give this otherwise useful roof/deck area a too slopping form for level seating.   Go To: Full plan illustration of JENAL.   We have squared-this-circle by maintaining the upward curvature of the superstructures sides but lowering the inner roof section. The study/bedroom below has enough head-height (2.2m) to allow this 'cheat' while all human conveniences are maintained.

This outside aft deck area has a purpose made Teak floor by Jachtbouw De Alm to give it a slip-free handsome surface when wet and enhance its unique sun-terrace/lounge-deck ambiance. The Teak floor, while looking and feeling very 'boaty' also offers foot protection from the otherwise hot metal surface (when the sun is at its strongest).

As you read this website information about our designs for JENAL it may seem as if we have created many places to dine, this is in-part to offer us some variety but also to allow us to move with the seasons.


picture of teak floor being laid

  Stainless-steel sockets are positioned around the rim of the aft deck superstructure to facilitate 60cm high stainless-steel stanchions to be slotted in and a rope balustrade hung between. From this balustrade we can hang a canvas sheet around it to form a semi-private area should we need.

Similar but fixed polished stainless steel stanchions with 2 rows of connecting tube form a permanent balustrade around the aft end of JENAL for safety purposes and offer casual seating (leaning really) on the top most banister rail. The all-important rear mast for our country of origin ensign flag fits between this rear balustrade.

  With the outside fibre optic lighting switched on and the gently revolving colour wheel for the sun-deck, spreading its colour spectrum across the teak flooring, a party atmosphere is created. Rotating from red, green, blue, yellow, white and back to red. The colour wheel can switched off to any one of the colours, usually white. The 9 gunnel downlighters around the walkway stay white for ease and safety.  

Al-fresco dining is part of cruising life, JENAL will be similar with a mix of facilities to entertain friends & guests... including this sundeck area. The teak furniture with its green cushions has the added benefit of flexibility and fits our dining/relaxing needs perfectly.     The table measures 90cm in diameter and folds flat when we need to store it. Similarly, the high backed seats also fold up to make a compact parcel. Ideal for when we need the space for playing badminton... just joking!!