JENAL Construction Diary

The building of a barge is a complex and time consuming process. Follow the pictorial construction of JENAL over its months of construction.

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January ~ 14

J&A stayed aboard Jenal for this month to help with the proposed repair of the leaking Duodrive and the replacement semi-seized bow and stern thrusters, all due to her 6 years lack of use. There was a fair bit of snagging to discover as well.

February ~ 14

When back in the water, the Duodrive still proved to be a problem; more later.

Living aboard improvements start to take shape.
March ~ 14

Work to complete Jenal had to progress at a speedier rate than previously, due to J&A permanently living aboard.

J&A concentrated on improving their domesticity while chasing the trades to complete.
May ~ 14

Time was moving on and completion was getting closer. Sorting out J&A's domestics was still their priority as the trades ploughed on with their remaining tasks.
June ~ 14

This month sees gentle movement towards completion and ever closer to sea-trials. Time for J&A to add to decor and home comforts.
July ~ 14

Out of the Water again. Sea-trials had revealed faults with the Duodrive prop system. And Hydrosta needed to re-engineer the hydraulically driven 13.5k generator

Winter ~ 14/15

J&A naively believed that buying a new built boat was like buying a new car, you climbed aboard, started the motor and sailed off. Time and fellow bargees have subsequently put them straight!

Winter ~ 15/16

'A' was still beleaguered by condensation and barge warmth. After the 2015 winter of secondary glassing most of Jenal he knew he had a great solution. The benefits from this past work were marvelous. His final task and the difficult ones to find a neat solution were the 8 large windows in the galley and saloon areas.
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Genesis 6
Chapter 14. "So make yourself an ark of cypress wood; make rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside and out."
Chapter 22. Noah did everything just as God commanded him.

And this is why Noah got his ship built on time, the rest of us don't have this divine intervention, in consequence we are subject to mans frailties.

Remember... a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic!!!