JENAL Construction Diary

The building of a barge is a complex and time consuming process. Follow the pictorial construction of JENAL over its months of construction.

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November 07

Lately, progress has been regularly halted due to Hydrosta, the manufacturers of the hydraulic system on JENAL. They have failed to supply good and correct installation instructions.

Progress is made in other areas, thankfully.  And the engines have started, run and they drive the propellers round... progress indeed!

December 07

Due to the ultimate impasse, no more progress can be made.
November 12

We now have JENAL back with Ament to complete her build. But first she needs visual rectification from the neglect.
May 13

The challenge has been to re-schedule JENAL's completion with the various artisans, hence time has elapsed.
June 13

Work is starting in earnest, UK made furniture is shipped to Ament for installation plus general odd jobs.


July 13

A momentous time, the launching of JENAL after a near 8 year period from when her keel was laid.
August 13

Work progresses but never as quick as one anticipates. The key areas this month have been the trimming of JENAL with lead ballast, making the bed bases and sorting the fundamental installation of the heating A/C units.
September 13

We have reached the stage for interior decorating and greater detailing of the interior woodwork.
October 13

Detailing, fixing issues that should not have happened and preparing to live aboard.
December 13

November like December was partly occupied with what builders ufimistically call 'snagging'.  Stuppid 'cock-ups' might be more appropriate. Completion moved ever closer though.
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Genesis 6
Chapter 14. "So make yourself an ark of cypress wood; make rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside and out."
Chapter 22. Noah did everything just as God commanded him.

And this is why Noah got his ship built on time, the rest of us don't have this divine intervention, in consequence we are subject to mans frailties.

Remember... a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic!!!